Hickory Springs’ EarthCare Challenge II

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Winner Announcement

Hickory Springs wishes to congratulate all EarthCare Challenge II contestants on their outstanding achievements in their communities. Five very different school groups showed how they were going green in their own ways. We enjoyed and each and every one of you... but there can be only one winner, and after much careful consideration, Hickory Springs has selected Sara Bauer from Sara’s
Pre-school Ridgewood, NJ as the winner!


Over 31 days, Ms. Bauer demonstrated a tireless effort to carry out her Kindergarten Enrichment program’s ‘March Green Up!’ theme using a multitude of creative approaches. The class carried out an array of projects which included identifying creative ways to repurpose materials, such as turning plastic bags into braided bracelets, and holding Recycling Relay races to learn how to sort recyclable goods. To continue the tradition, students created books filled with their newfound knowledge which they presented to the younger class.

On a class visit to a nearby park, the students noticed garbage on the ground and cleaned it up. As one of our Green Experts said, “To me this really showed that the kids were embracing great values of caring for their environment and community.” Hickory Springs is pleased to award Sara’s Preschool with $1,000 to help fund future environmental learning at the school. They will also receive their own set of Craftmaster Furniture featuring EarthCare Inside for their common area/stage.

Hats off to our runner up, Kathryn Meneghin and Kelsey Kahn at the Fair Lawn High School Environmental Club. The team created a campus-wide plastic water bottle ban and recycling program from scratch. It grew into a perfect example of school spirit winning over students, administrators and their whole community including the local Rotary Club. Hickory Springs is pleased to award Fair Lawn H.S. with a fabulous EarthCare club chair and plaque for their student lounge!

What started as small, simple ideas have blossomed into many positive outcomes. Contestant Chef Tom French expanded upon a radical new lunch program, engaging students, teachers and parents alike in much more environmental learning. Contestant Ms. Lashbrook’s second grade class gained problem-solving skills when they discovered the fresh compost they created had grown mold (not a bad thing!). Finally, contestant Emek Teichman proved that there’s no end to a good deed and literally carried this out in their door-to-door recycling effort.

One of our Green Experts recalled the saying, “Give them a fish and they eat for a day. Teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime. I believe all the participants truly learned a lot of "Fishing Skills" this past month, and that they will continue to teach others to do the same.” Hickory Springs couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations again to all our contestants and until next time, The EarthCare Challenge hopes you remember to keep asking... are you Eco Oblivious or Eco Chic?